About Fred Hageneder x


About Fred Hageneder

Fred Hageneder has been researching trees since 1980, their cultural history, mythology and comparative religion in conjunction with natural history and ecology.

Since 1999 he has written various ethnobotanical books about the cultural and spiritual history and meaning of trees. So far, his work has been translated into nine languages (Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Czech, Polish, and Estonian).

His two monographs on the European yew (Taxus baccata L.) have met with broad academic approval and have led him as a speaker to international congresses in Spain, Wales and Turkey. Hageneder has worked temporarily as external reader (eg. Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California, USA) and as peer reviewer (eg. University of Chicago Press) for ethnobotanical topics. 

Fred Hageneder is a founding member of the Ancient Yew Group (AYG), an independent research group working to protect ancient yews in the UK. Since 2014 the AYG has been working closely with the Church in Wales to safeguard its old yew tree population (see Ancient Tree Forum).

He is a member of SANASI, a multidisciplinary international group of scientists who since 2013, with the support of the Open University, tries to support indigenous guardians around the world to protect their natural refuges from land grabbing and destruction. Furthermore, Hageneder is a member of the Ecocentric Alliance, a network of university professors, ecologists, conservationists and activists advocating ecocentrism and deep green ethics.

He also plays traditional harps and has composed music for various tree species (see ‘tree music’ in main menu).