Tree Yoga

Baum-Yoga Cover   Fred Hageneder & Satya Singh
TREE YOGA – A Workbook
Strengthen Your Personal Yoga Practice
Through the Living Wisdom of Trees

224 pages, paperback, duotone print, illustrated
Earthdancer, Baden-Baden 2007
ISBN 978-1-84409-119-5

Also available in German and Czech

Tree Yoga

This illustrated step-by-step work book shows you the essence of yoga, as well as the meeting place of Indian and Celtic wisdom.
Discover the powerful role trees play in the evolution of humanity and learn more about their connection to the ancient wisdom of yoga.
Twelve trees and twelve corresponding yoga sequences and meditations will give you stunning experiences and deepen your relation to nature. Enjoy meditating in connection with the individual essence of each tree.
Full illustrations and step-by-step instructions ensure that beginners and advanced alike will enjoy positive results from each meditation and strengthen their connection with nature as a whole.

Revealing the dynamic bond between man and tree, this inspired yoga handbook offers a detailed review of the ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga and unveils the inner power of trees, as well as their unique characteristics and energies. Yoga exercises based on this wisdom are provided, each of which operates by fostering a connection with the inner essence of a different tree, from birch and lime to elm and rowan.


Tree Yoga is a pioneering book as it cares not only for the health and well being of the student but also for the environment; human beings and the earth cannot be separated. Incorporating trees into our daily exercises and meditation helps us to learn more about nature and our connection to nature.
In their deep silence trees can teach us meditation and body posture without a single word.



Fred Hageneder Portrait   Fred Hageneder began to practice Hatha Yoga and meditation in 1979 and has continued with Kundalini Yoga since 1981. During a White Tantra meditation in the Kundalini Yoga camp 2000 in France, Fred received the idea for Tree Yoga. A few years later the time was right to ask Satya Singh if he wanted to co-author this book (which he joyfully agreed to do).
As a life-long student of the cultural and spiritual history and meaning of trees, Fred chose the trees while Satya was responsible for finding the appropriate yoga exercises and meditations.
Fred's vision and hope for Tree Yoga is that it may remind us that whatever we do for our own well-being we also do for the trees and the wholeness of the Earth, and vice versa.
Fred also plays traditional harps and has composed music for various (European) tree species (see tree music).
Fred lives near the Black Mountains in Wales as an author, musician, graphic designer and lecturer.
Satya Singh Portrait   Satya Singh began to study Kundalini Yoga in 1974 as a personal student of Yogi Bhajan. He has lived in Ashrams in Amsterdam and Hamburg, and continued his studies with annual visits to the USA, France and India. His Kundalini Yoga Handbook for the Health of Body, Mind and Soul (1990) is a standard for Kundalini Yoga and has been translated into four languages.
Satya is a senior full-time yoga teacher who sees his work as passing on the inner light and healing that he has gained through the systematic practice of Kundalini Yoga. He also leads the team of Kundalini Yoga instructors who train yoga teachers in various European countries.
Satya's vision and hope for Tree Yoga is that we learn to prize nature not just for its beauty and usefulness, but also as partner, helper and healer on our personal spiritual path.
He is a member of 3HO International, which promotes Yogi Bhajan's teachings worldwide. For info go to: or


Radio Interview with Fred and Satya Singh

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'A remarkable book!'
Avalon Magazine (2008)

'This book is the result of two men uniting their knowledge of yoga and their deeper understanding of trees.'
-- German Yoga Forum, III 2008

'You need relaxation and soft movements to let go of your daily grind? Balancing Tree Yoga exercises are the optimum programme for you!'
-- Brigitte (one of the leading women's magazines in Germany)