the yew tree that stood in the garden of the Richard Jefferies Museum. © Tom Saunders
the yew tree that stood in the garden of the Richard Jefferies Museum. © Tom Saunders

Swindon Borough Council destroys old yew tree

Sept 2008

An old yew tree (in the media described as ‘800 years old’ but really about 250 years of age – which is still a lot) major literary and spiritual importance, was axed by Swindon Borough Council on 25 September 2008 when no-one was around to stop the destruction.

The tree had been much appreciated by the poet Richard Jefferies (1848-1887) who had lived there in his time. The Council said the tree’s roots were threatening the building.

Comment: It is a wide-spread paradigm that a building is seen more important than a tree by default and without question. And sadly, cutting down the entire living being is always cheaper than a closer investigation and careful partial surgery.

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