UKYCC demo with banner How old-will you be in 2050? @ UKYCC
UKYCC demo with banner How old-will you be in 2050? @ UKYCC

Youth for a clean, fair future

April 2009

In spring 2009, Kersty Schneeberger as spokesperson for the UK Youth Climate Coalition delivered an amazing speech at the United Nations climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany. ‘How old will you be in 2050?’ is her message to wake up the older-generation decision-makers that there, in fact, exist generations who come after them and who will inherit the planetary mess the elders are still making now.

Kersty co-founded Think2050, an intergenerational equity consultancy, and also DECC’s (Dept. of Energy and Climate Change) Youth Advisory Panel of which she is the co-ordinator. As a trainee lawyer and director of a coalition of academics and legal professionals, she seeks to establish an International Court for the Environment.

‘We are part of a global movement of young people who will no longer be accused of apathy.’

Kersty Schneeberger

Find out more: UK Youth Climate Coalition

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