ancient yew tree at Defynnog, Powys. © Peter Norton
The ancient yew tree at Defynnog, Powys. © Peter Norton

The ancient yews of Wales

BBC Radio Wales, March 2010
‘Country Focus’, presented by Melanie Doel,
recorded at the ancient yews of Defynnog, South Wales

“So when the yew tree played such a big part in defending our country, I suppose it’s about time they got some … defence and a bit of protection back, isn’t it really?” – “That is a very good point! Thank you for that!”

Note on the ages of yew trees: In the section on estimating the age of this yew tree I chose a very low and a very high number on purpose, to illustrate the wide range of approaches which are (still) floating around in the UK. Now, in 2020, the Ancient Yew Group experts on ageing yew trees see the minimum age of the Defynnog yew as higher, and the possible maximum age as lower than the figures I give in this audio.


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ancient yew tree at Defynnog, Powys. © Peter Norton

The ancient yews of Wales

Deadly longbow vs Christian symbol of Resurrection – the yew tree played a big part in defending Wales – it’s about time it got some protection back.

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